Friday, January 25, 2008

Etsy love!!

I haven't been in the forums on for a while. Tonight I messed around there for an hour or so and found several new favorite shops to add to my wish list.

StonehouseStudio makes amazing transfer art polymer jewelry of all kinds. I didn't even know you could put designs like this on polymer! Etsy artists teach me something new all the time.

Rheta creates little works of art for your body. I'm totally in love with this little pendant,
but this ring is like the cute guy across the room... it's got my attention too. I love the organic feel of these pieces - they look like something you'd find growing in the woods, under a fallen log... tended by fairies.

Another jewelry maker - but one that works with softer materials, is Soleilgirl. I have a thing for pins and brooches and wore them all the time to dress up jackets when I had a job where I had to wear jackets... I'd like to have ALL of Soleilgirl's little felt flowers and a few of her birdies for my collection.


Stacy said...

Really beautiful work. You have excellent taste!

Punkinhead said...

Right back atcha!!

idyll hands said...

That ring is beautiful! I find new things every time I'm on the site - my poor favorites list is filling up.

Stacy said...

Mmm... yes, the ring... I had to come back to look at it.

Ok, I was coming to see if you'd written anything and it was still there tempting me. The little tart.