Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hearts and more hearts

I've spent the last few evenings getting some things made in preparation for my shop being featured by a lovely blogger named Denise. She's a fellow member of the Aretsy Street Team, and features a crafter every week. I'm so flattered!! She's an awesome artist as well - make sure to check out her shop!

I have used some of my scraps of fabric and sweaters as well as embroidery thread and buttons, and made some hearts-on-a-stick. The way I figure it, if food on a stick is always popular, hearts will be as well.

I've also made a few tiny bags out of scraps. My thought is that someone will buy them to put little Valentine gifts in. They are made of flannel and denim, and have been decorated with colored thread, sweater scraps and lace. I think they're darling, and I hope you will too - when I post the pictures.