Thursday, January 24, 2008

Here I am....blogging

I'm blogging and I should be jogging. Well, actually it's 11:08 P.M. and what I really should be doing is sleeping. I'm blog-challenged so it took me the last 2 hours to get to here.

As I've already been 'sort-of' introduced by my daughter I'll just say 'That's true' to everything she mentioned. Seldom do I go looking for just seems to find me. Now that the business is an actuality and not just a "we're gonna do someday" discussion, I may start doing more looking. Right now I don't have far to garage is crammed to the hilt with junk, closets are stuffed over-capacity, the shop is a collection of 'one of these days' items in various stages of repair....well, that's not exactly the right word. When you're planning to re-purpose (a new buzz word that is popping up everywhere these days) an item, it's condition is immaterial....just that it exists is enough. And, exist they do....cabinets that look like fire wood, chairs with and without seats/legs/backs; and if what we're adding on a regular basis isn't enough, cleaning out the stuff left from my father's wood working/furniture building days isn't going to happen. I thought it would and I would be able to 'lighten my load' but then, along came Junque Rethunque...and now everything, I mean EVERYTHING 'may' have a life beyond what it is today. So, who am **I** to stop the transformation and life going forward of that rusty bolt, nut and washer I found in the dust layered box sitting right where my dad left it 12 years ago when he shut the door to his shop for the last time.

The shop is once more open for business and Junque Rethunque is resurrecting the dead!!!!!!!!!


punkinhead said...

now that didn't hurt too bad, did it??

idyll hands said...

Wheeee - she's blogging!

casserole said...

"Seldom do I go looking for just seems to find me." I laughed out loud when I read that sentence - I can so TOTALLY relate!

idyll hands said...

A tip - put who's blogging in each post on this - so we know if it's Punkinhead or Rimdweller (as far as Etsy goes) or Sister or Mom (as far as real life goes) or Cheryl or Laurie... you get the point. :)