Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So I was thinking...

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately that primarily cover home decorating and renovation. There is a great "home tour" this week at Poppies at Play that has been a lot of fun to follow. Not only am I getting a great list of ideas for future repurposing projects to create for my business, Junque Rethunque, but  I'm also getting ideas for my own home.

This, for example, is the answer to what to do with my vintage umbrella table (found it here). How awesome is that??? I seriously have this exact same table sitting at my mom's house waiting for me to bring it home. I also considered painting a facsimile of a vintage souvenir plate on it... that's still being decided.

Which led me to think "what if I start blogging about my own home redecorating projects?" I live in a traditional sprawling ranch built in the 1960s and have a great pile of projects to complete. I also write. And I have a camera.... Luckily, there was a fire that resulted in some folks buying the house and remodeling the parts we as buyers most wanted remodeled - the master suite, laundry room and kitchen. Also fortunate (in my opinion) is the fact that the guest bath is still stuck in the 60s and the exterior was not affected at all.

While the homes in the blog tour I mentioned are all leaning heavily toward shabby chic and cottage style like this great look from Funky junk Interiors - which I do love - I would say my own favorite look is more of a eclectic mix, and includes more color than most of the blogs I've seen so far. These women are, as a group,  keeping Heirloom White at the top of the paint colors charts. :)

My home is decorated with a mix of antique furniture with flea market and curbside finds, modern/contemporary furniture, and retro accessories like lamps that harken back to the original build date of the house. We also have a lot more color on the walls than most shabby chic styles use. However, I have been rethinking that last bit...

So I believe there may be room for yet another blog that shares images and ideas for decorating. Now, to start getting some "before" pics taken and some projects started. There is already a long list... and I have a feeling it will only get longer.