Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who you callin' GRANNY???

An old friend (as old as me, in fact) recently commented on a photo I posted on Facebook, saying "You've really got this granny gig down, don't you?"  It was this picture of a great set of vintage canisters I put in my flea market booth this weekend...

 Now, this friend is a male. And, he is an admitted arrogant smart-ass. But even so, it occurred to me while responding to him that he's probably not the only person out there who maybe doesn't really comprehend how brilliant it is to buy 2nd-hand and use "granny" stuff instead of buying whatever Pottery Barn and Target are selling this week. Kind of suits my "refuse to follow trends" inclinations. Except, there does seem to be a pretty big group of people out there who love the same non-trendy stuff I do. If we all love it, does it mean it's a trend??

I may not be making my own bread or canning my own veggies like my Grandmother Whillock did, but I do furnish my home with a lot of stuff found at second-hand stores, yard sales and even curbs. My first dumpster-diving experience was with my Grandma when I was probably around 10 years old. We were driving along one afternoon when Grandma spotted a great set of rattan furniture - a couch and love seat I think - sitting next to a dumpster. I don't remember details... did she have rope in the car, or did we go home and get it? But somehow, we got that set up on the roof and hauled it home for my aunt's new apartment.

My mom didn't really shop in thrift stores or hit yard sales when I was younger, but as I got older we enjoyed hunting flea markets and junk shops together. I think the biggest thrifty genes just skipped a generation, because I definitely got a bunch of 'em! I'm all about getting something at a great price, and turning something a little less than perfect into something brilliant. It was our love for finding a diamond in the rough and imagining what it could be that made us start our business, Junque Rethunque, that my sister and I are carrying on together.

So go ahead and call me Granny, my friend. I'm fine with saving hundreds of dollars and will continue to believe I'm doing my part to save the planet at the same time.