Thursday, April 3, 2008


It was threatening rain as I got Griffin up and dressed this morning. We grabbed a couple of pieces of cinnamon bread, dusted off the wagon, and headed down the street to my favorite thrift store, the Samaritan Shop. It had started sprinkling when we got to the store fifteen minutes later, and by the time they opened it was coming down pretty hard.

It was the first day of their “50% off of everything” sale, and I was determined to be there when they opened at 10 a.m. Not that a lot of other people would be eager to dig through the pile of pillowcases and out-of-season clothing… but you never know. Besides, they were offering free cookies!

I headed straight to the fabric section, where I’ve found some sweet deals in the past. The offerings there were pretty picked over, but the pillowcase cabinet was full-to-overflowing so I picked up a dozen or so at a quarter a piece. Several white and cream for linings, and a number of vintage prints as well.

I scoped out the sweaters on the clearance rack, but there wasn’t much left. I added several nice ones to my stash recently – some bright colors for appliqu├ęs on bags and aprons. I did snag a few oatmeal-colored ones for future Snowfolk bodies. I won’t be working on them for a while yet, but I need to start thinking about the raw materials I’ll need.

Then, I headed over to the men’s pants and women’s skirts and picked up several nice things. Some corduroy, some tweed, and a skirt made of floral fabric that I know some craft fair-goers will enjoy next month.

Extra goodies I picked up included a little chalkboard to use in our fair booth, several vintage scarves, a set of four vintage napkins, and a fitted vintage Star Wars sheet for Griffin’s bed. All in all, a great haul for $39 and some change. And, it quit raining just long enough for us to enjoy a nice walk home enjoying the birds and spring flowers.

Tonight, the newly repaired van that was supposed to be left unlocked with the keys under the floor mat was not. Wasted trip to Fayetteville, hectic evening made more hectic, and now a hectic morning to look forward to tomorrow. Thanks Lewis Ford. Good thing I had a great day of shopping to keep me mellow.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

To be continued...

I'm the kind of girl who likes to put pictures in her blog posts. I know my readers enjoy seeing projects I'm working on, or supplies for projects I'm working on, or just pretty pictures in general. I like to please them - my benevolent readers - but tonight I have only words. I will follow up with pictures tomorrow.

I got a perfect piece of mail a few days ago! It was a postcard from my favorite thrift store saying that tomorrow through Saturday they are having a "50% everything in the store" sale! Not only that, but the card was orange, my favorite color. It was a sign.

I was slightly bummed that I would have to miss out on the first day of the sale because I work on Thursdays. But then I took my van to the dealership to have a funny light checked out... Lucky me, it's still in the shop so I can walk to the thrift store tomorrow since I'm staying home from work. I'd like to think the promise of scoring some half-priced vintage linens and wool sweaters makes the broken vehicle worth the trouble... but I don't think I can suspend reality quite to that level. I'm no Britney Spears.

I'll report on the shopping tomorrow night - wish me luck!!