Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chicken with it's head cut off

I am in love with my self after making this bag. The top part was a remnant - I didn't cut the chicken's head off on purpose. But once I sewed it to the linen it seemed so... so... decapitated. I just decided to give it a body, and I think I did a pretty good job. One of a kind, I'm sure!

I've sold a couple of things in my vintage shop this week, which is great. I shop pretty smart for that shop - aiming for finding real bargains and things I am certain I can turn around for a profit - and I get a nice return for very little effort. I have to say I am sometimes amazed at the prices I see in vintage shops on Etsy. I'm not knocking them - if those other shops can sell a cup and saucer with some vintage 70's motif on them for $20, more power to them - I just feel better about making a profit, but not a killing. Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel good about my karma.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I always knew I'd be a bag lady someday...

...and if you take a look at my sewing room you'd agree. I'm going to participate in a home show in Fayetteville at the end of May, so I'm working hard to upgrade my tote bags and get a system down in terms of what kinds of bags I'll be selling. I tend to just do whatever strikes me - which is great in terms of creativity, but not so great in terms of people seeing a design they like and finding the same thing in different colors or fabrics in my Etsy shop. I want to get a few designs honed and then make a LOT of them, with a few one-of-a-kinds thrown in for fun.

I also have quite a stash of vintage fabrics and upcycled clothing now that I have to start using before I buy any more. I am just so in love with the fabric, it's hard to cut it... but I don't have the space to be a hoarder. (I know I'm not alone in this!) So, over the last couple of weeks I've been seriously banging out some bags in the hopes of getting a decent inventory put together for the home show. I've uploaded pictures into my Flickr account - but here are a few for you to check out.

It seems I lean heavily toward bold, graphic fabrics - wouldn't you say? I have thought about embellishing a couple with trims and other bits of materials... but they seemed so "vocal" as they were I left them to just strut their stuff through the fabrics and colors. I do like the pocket on the gold and red one, and will probably do more of those. Vintage buttons? Pom-pom fringe? What do you guys think??

Projects for Spring!

Anyone who knows me is fully aware of my penchant for the "Project". Not big stuff, like tearing down walls between rooms or roofing the house, but mostly stuff that grows out of a stop at a local thrift store, a transaction on Freecycle or Craig's List, or an unexpected treasure found on the curb. Along those lines, I have a couple of things to share...

One visit to my local Craig's List recently got me a couple of terrific pieces of furniture that are now sitting on my carport waiting for transformation. The first one - a vanity-turned-desk is painted a horrendously bright yellow and has the Corona Cerveza logo painted on one side. (??) The woman I bought it from tells me her daughter used it as an art desk. Judging from the paint all over the top of it, I'd say she REALLY enjoyed it. It's going to go out in my craft room as soon as it's repainted - and as soon as the craft room is reorganized.

This cute little thing is a bit of a mystery. The woman advertised it as a painter's cabinet - which would be an interesting thing to use it for given the holes and such inside - but I'm not sure. The top is a little bit bowed up, but not so much that I can't still use it as a bedside table as I'm planning.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A little shot of inspiration please!!

Why is it that no matter how many ideas are running around in my head (or even being put down on paper) sometimes the desire to get into the sewing mode is just non-existent?? Today, for example, I really wanted to sew. I wanted to make things. I was bummed that Hubby and Boychild wanted to go to the park - even though I knew going to the park with Hubby and Boychild was a GREAT thing to do.

But then, when I got home from the park, I just didn't feel like getting busy in front of the machine. I think the key here is that I didn't FEEL like it. I think I have to quit waiting until I FEEL like sewing. I have to make a goal of getting a certain number of things done, and do them. I have new bag ideas. I have been wanting to play with altered clothing. I have some aprons already cut out. I just have to get them DONE.

Tonight, I got a great boost of inspiration in the form of an invite to participate in a trunk show with my sister in late May. She was invited by a woman who organized a show last fall, and I asked if they needed a bag maker. She asked, and I'm in. I'm going to upgrade my market bags made from vintage linens, and make some Elliot bags with new (vintage) materials and embellishments.

Okay, tomorrow I need to sew.