Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thrifting and Ebay day

My sister and I went to a couple of flea markets and a thrift store today. We need to hang out like that more often - for many reasons. I picked up an awesome little bar stool to use at my craft table so that I can put our kitchen bar stool back at the counter. The one I bought is orange vinyl and has a split in the back, but a cover will be easy enough to make. I'll post a before and after pick when I get some.

I went back to the place with the cool books, and was bummed to find the Grey's Anatomy book was gone. I was afraid it would be, since it's been over a week since I saw it. I did pick up a couple of year books from the 30's, and two newspapers from 1934 as well. One has authentication papers with it. I can't wait to go through it and see what kinds of cool bits I can use for some collage art. I'm not sure if I want to hack into it, I may scan sections and print things off instead... we'll see what works best. Anybody have advice about that??

At the thrift store I picked up a linen skirt and a shetland wool sweater vest to felt. I was tempted to get a few other things at a flea market (some old maps) but decided I don't need to buy supplies just for the thrill of buying supplies. First, I need to use the ones I have and actually MAKE some collages - then when I need more stuff, I'll shop. How boring and practical of me!!! I must be growing up.

Finally, I won a couple of great pieces of fabric on Ebay today. They will soon be fabulous tote bags!! I made one from a pair of vintage curtains I bought from DogwoodLane, and LOVE it, so it's my new focus in the crafty room.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these fabrics ... they are going to be wonderful bags - PERFECT!! How fun is this?!

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