Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AREtsy Street Team!

I'm a proud member of the Arkansas street team on We're called AREtsy, and we are 76 members-strong!! We are made up of a wide variety of crafters and artists from all over the state, and if you haven't checked us out yet, you should!

Take a look at our blog - created by our very own Idyllhands:

For Valentine's Day, we had a secret swap (thanks DogwoodLane!) and everyone received the cutest, coolest things.My goodies were from Ms. Dogwood herownself. :-)

There's a little patchwork makeup bag with too too cute buttons and pink cotton lining, and a little lavender pillow to soothe the stressed eyes. So yummy! Thanks Dogwood!!

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jeanetta said...

hi there!! thanks for dropping by my blog an dshowing youlove of my nest and eggs. i have more to list i just cant get any good pics with this horrible weather.