Friday, October 24, 2008

Creative Inspiration

My sweet co-workers gave me this great book by Amy Butler for my birthday. I don't buy her fabric (sorry Amy!) because I use vintage and repurposed remnants and linens in my projects, but I LOVE her use of color. The book includes not just instructions, but patterns. I'm totally going to make some of these things for Christmas gifts this year!

I've been listing some new Snowfolk in my Etsy store, but haven't had many views on them. I know they are cute, and everyone who sees them says they're cute, but I guess they are just a unique thing to collect... only a lucky few have them, right??

Meanwhile, I need to figure out what I can make that might actually sell. Ideas? What would you be interested in if you were looking for handmade sewn things?


Denise Felton said...

Hi, Punk! I wonder if your Snowfolk, like my felt brooches, appeal to people more as the weather gets colder. I think you're coming into your season. And I think they're ideal Christmas decorations and gifts. When does Etsy start having Christmas showcases?

Foxglove Studios said...

How the heck are you?!?!? Sorry I've been so aloof. Perhaps I need a spanking. Oh, and I'm now totally addicted to Ghost Hunters. *sigh*

So glad to see the snowpeeps back. They are so cute! I never put mine away from last year. They stare at me while I sleep...

idyll hands said...

Geez, I don't know. The snowfolk are my favorite Christmas decoration and I almost can't wait until the obligatory Thanksgiving weekend to pull them out.

I think more hip bags/pouches with appliques, list the coasters, maybe some pincushions?