Saturday, October 18, 2008

Craft Fair Weekend

It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend for craft fairs! I had hoped to spend all day yesterday with my sister ( at the Bella Vista Arts & Crafts Festival where we had a booth, but since I unexpectedly had to take Thursday off work to take my mom to a doctors' appointment those plans were scrapped. So it was great today to spend a few hours with her, and with my mom, enjoying some sunshine and handmade craftiness. And fair food... YUM!

Of course, a day at a craft fair isn't complete without almost getting into a fist-fight with someone at the portapotty. At least, MY day at a craft fair. But let me explain... My mom is dealing with an illness that has robbed her of the use of her left side, so we're getting her around in a wheelchair. In addition, she has a sense of urgency when it comes to getting to the toilet, so when we need a bathroom we need it now. So we headed for the handicapped portapotty when she needed to go soon after we arrived, and as we approached I saw a woman entering the ONLY one in the line. She wasn't in a wheelchair, or even using crutches or a cane - just walked right on in.

We waited outside the door, and when she came out I said something to the tune of "you shouldn't use the handicapped bathroom" and she had the gall to say "You don't know my issues." I replied "I know you're not using a wheelchair." She got miffed, and said she was sorry but I didn't need to be so rude. I told her that it was rude to use a handicapped bathroom if you're not handicapped. I think mom was worried that she would be waiting for me when we were done, but I must have scared her off.

So I guess I was bitchy... and no, I don't know her issues. But come on... There was a long line of portapotties - like, 15 or so - if that woman was able to walk, she didn't have any issues that would require that she use the handicapped one.

But other than that excitement, it was just a nice day. It was really cool as we were driving out. My grandparents (mom's parents) were crafters and participated in War Eagle for years selling their stuff. I just had a wonderful feeling of being connected with that "culture" of crafting that was really special and important to share with mom somehow.


Sunny said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your day, other than the meanie handicap port-a-
pot hog!

Denise Felton said...

*feeling guilty, now, about using the HC stall when the other stalls are occupied*

Kimberly said...

Vineyard Community Church in the Heights neighborhood of Little Rock is going to be hosting a community craft fair on Saturday, November 15th from 10am-3pm. Tables are only $25.

If you are interested in setting up or just want more info, contact me at and I will send you all the info!