Saturday, March 29, 2008

Etsy love and free fabric!

Hubby and I were shopping for a sectional to put in our dining room-turned-media room. We found a winner at Brashear's in Springdale, and as we were talking to the salesman one of the other sales people, a woman named Debbie, admired my bag; this one:

So, I spoke right up and told her I made it myself, and I sell them as well. She had me write down my etsy shop URL, and then noticed my sweet ring from Block Party Press... so I put her shop on the list, and added my sister's for good measure.

In return for my great marketing ability, she went to the back of the store and got a pile of discontinued fabric samples for me to add to my stash! Score! And, she told me to check back on occasion, because they discontinue fabrics pretty regularly. What a deal... sectional on sale, possible sales in my shop or at the craft fair I'll be at in May, AND free fabric.

Now, if I wake up tomorrow 10 pounds lighter I'll be ecstatic.


idyll hands said...

Man, if I just woke up 5 pounds lighter, that would make my day :)

What are you going to make with your freebies?

Punkinhead said...

I'll make bags, of course! But, there are a few I've pulled out to make pillows with for the new sectional.

casserole said...

Free fabric is good... I love me some free fabric!

Hey, I added one of your craft show aprons to my apron treasury.