Saturday, March 8, 2008

Building Inventory

Idyllhands, a.k.a. my sister, Erin, talked my mom and I into joining her for the Spanker Creek craft fair in May. Last summer, in order to get ready for the Clothesline Fair in September, I was creating little families of Snowfolk nonstop. But they were fairly easy to whip out, and were not as needy in terms of time at the sewing machine. The tote bags I'm making now are a different story.

Yesterday I spent some time in the morning making some bags, and got three done. They were simple, unlined bags that are intended to be market bags - nothing terribly detailed or time consuming. Two are made from vintage pillowcases. I think my stepmother had a set of linens with that poppy print on them. I have several more pillowcases to make bags out of.

Another bag from yesterday is made from some orange and green vintage upholstery fabric. I have two made from the same stuff listed in my Etsy site, but those have one long strap, whereas this one has two short ones.

Now that the boy's napping, I should go work on some more bags, May is just around the corner!


jeanetta said...

love that orange and green bag

casserole said...

Love them!!! The green grassy one reminds me of these wrap skirts my grandmother used to wear. Made by Peter Popavitch or something like that. She always had me on the lookout for that brand whenever we were at the thrift stores.

Punkinhead said...

Oh well, with my luck I could have sold it for $100 as a vintage piece... I'll probably ask $15 at the fair. :)

casserole said...

naaah, Peter Popovitch isn't worth that much I don't think. And besides, the skirts like she was so crazy about were made from a million little panels:

I have no idea why she liked them so much. But she still wouldn't pay more than $3.00 for one.