Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall on Repeat

It seems that fall is just the time that I start feeling all overwhelmed and in need of a good purging. Of the clutter, not the colon. Eww... Unlike the spring cleaning when I just want to open windows and beat cushions and start digging in the dirt, a fall cleaning is all about making my home cozy and welcoming and ready for the holidays.

Last year about this time I wrote a blog post about spending a day cleaning out my garage and getting some projects started. Barely. This year, I'm in the same place - except for the actually-getting-it-done part. I'm feeling the need to clean out and organize and get my shit together... so to speak. (Again with the colon references??) I am working on getting a storage unit for my Craft Show display Stuff, and my Projects in Limbo Stuff, and it will give me a place to hide stuff from my husband store treasures before they go into my flea market booth.

I've got a lot on top of me this year, some things I had last year, like a grand-daughter and her mama living with us, and a full-time job, and too many hobbies, and a grade-school-aged son ('nuf said, right??). But I also have been working hard to meet my personal challenge of writing more (yay me!), which takes a lot of time that could otherwise be used to clean the garage (boohoo!), and I have a husband with health issues. Well, I had the same husband last year, but was blissfully unconcerned about what he ate every day.

Besides the storage unit, which is going to help me free up a lot of space and more efficiently process the treasures I'm bringing home in the back of my jeep all the time, I've also made the positive move of hiring a housekeeper. This is a seriously important effort that will lead to the following seriously important results:
  1. Help me enjoy my home more;
  2. Help me feel comfortable having friends over more often;
  3. Help me find more time for the hobbies I'm trying expand into careers;
  4. Help me not become homicidal. (my family appreciates this one, especially.)

I'm paying for the service out of my freelance writing income, so it's also going to be an incentive to keep that coming in. Let me tell you, I walked in the door yesterday and took in a big deep breath of those non-organic Pine-Sol fumes, and got giddy as I ran around looking at all the clean. My neighbors may have heard me shriek about my shower door that I could actually SEE through again.

It's the little things... 

Here's an update of the chair I showed you in that link from last year... turned out pretty cute, don't you think??


Anonymous said...

Gosh I want a cleaning lady SO BAD! I might even take up a part-time job and/or freelance gig to get it!
Good for you!
your jealous friend - Jody

Brittany said...

I had a cleaning lady until about a year ago. She cost $50 and came once a month. I really considered it a bargain. She moved and we took over cleaning. Its getting that time of the year and I am desperate to have her back. Love that you are taking your hobbies nad making something out of them!

Junque Rethunque said...

$50 is definitely a bargain!! I'm not paying that, but I just decided I have to eliminate excuses for not doing what I need to do to reach my goals.

Jasmine said...

I have a cleaning lady and I have a bunch of white guilt about it.

Jacqueline Wolven said...

Good for you! Doing what you need to reach your goals. Go!

GraceGritsGarden said...

Love the chair!

And btw, my cleaning lady nearly burned down our house last month.... seriously.

Anonymous said...

That chair is awesome!