Monday, September 6, 2010

Sometimes I dream...

of having a little shop. A small brick-n-mortar storefront with a big front porch. I would sell vintage and re-purposed furniture and decor items... goodies that I currently pile in my garage, or just have to pass up because I can't own it all.

I would sell creative, beautiful indie art and crafts, made by local and almost local artisans. I would decorate and stage my shop by creating little vignettes throughout the shop, and sew up slipcovers and curtains out of vintage tablecloths and tea towels.

I would provide baskets and vintage market carts for my buyers to use to carry their goodies. Because they wouldn't be able to buy just one item!

I would plant a garden of herbs and hostas and lovely flowers. I would place vintage statuary and handmade stepping stones in it, along with some metal gliders and perhaps a porch swing... or maybe that should be on the porch? A little quiet reflection in the middle of a day is never a bad thing. For buyers or sellers. In the fall, I would divide my hostas and give some to my buyers. In the summer, I would include a little bag of fresh herbs for every visitor.

My front door would be painted turqouise. A yellow ceiling would brighten up the inside, but the walls would be a lovely shade of eggshell white. However, this would look pretty amazing too...


Poor Fish Girl said...

I hear ya. I have a dream of starting my own super cool business where I find old furniture and refinnish it into something beautiful and unique. Love the idea of a turquoise door, yellow cieling and eggshell walls. Your store sounds like the kind of place someone would spend a long time browsing in.

girl with no name. said...

I love almost everything vintage! Your ideas are all fresh and new and very fascinating to me.
It all sounds so lovely.
The bottom picture makes me jealous, I would love to have a place like that!

SheezKrafty said...

Sounds like it would be a grand place :)

It was wonderful to meet you as well! I LOVE all of your bags, naturally ;) Hope to see you around in the circuit again!!!