Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green, the color

I'm all about being green in terms of environmental activism... I recycle my glass and plastics. I repurpose materials in my crafts (and home decor). I reuse containers that once held strawberries to grow seeds into veggie plants.

But in addition to THAT kind of green-ness... I seem to be drawn to the color. Especially green glass. It's just such a refreshing color... so clean and lovely. Like the hostas growing like gangbusters in my garden this summer. These little bottles were treasures waiting for me at a barn sale...

And this lovely Hoosier Glass bowl was a thrift store find. It can be yours if you love it as much as I do!

Finally - this little mug isn't as sparkly as the glassware, but I have a soft spot for the color olive. Maybe because I grew up in the 70's? It and its twin are also looking for a new home... they're perfect for some hot green tea!


idyll hands said...

Cool green things - and I've tagged you over at my blog :)

ambika said...

My mom lives in eastern Washington and recently visited here & was surprised to see that now the city is composting in addition to recycling the standard stuff as well as yard waste. It's funny to me to think of other cities or states *not* doing it!

Love these green photos--the glassware is too pretty.